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A deposit of $400.00 per bus per day is required to reserve the requested equipment established by this signed contract. A signed contract must be received within seven (7) days. The deposit must be made within ten to fourteen (10 to 14) days after receipt of the original contract date. Failure to make deposits/payments as requested or failure to sign and return the contract will result in the cancellation of the order without notice. If the charting date is less then fourteen (14) days of booking, payment in full is due by Credit Card or Certified Check within twenty-four (24) hours. International chartering requires a bank wire transfer within seventy-two (72) hours of booking.

DEPOSITS PAID TO VENDORS (i.e. hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc.)

Deposits paid to vendors are the responsibility of the chartering party and are due at the time the deposit is sent to the various vendors. Your charter representative will inform you of necessary deposit amounts.


If changes occur in your motorcoach reservation such as departure time, return time, pick-up information or any other minor changes become necessary, please notify our office at least seven (7) days prior to your departure. If tickets, meals, lodging and/or other arrangements have been made on your behalf by Calyssa Travel LLC, a longer notification requirement may apply. Any additional stops off of the quoted itinerary may incur additional charges.


Unless noted on the contract, all pricing is based on a fourteen (14) hour day. Extra charges will apply if use of our driver/vehicle exceeds fourteen (14) hours my result in substantial delays on any day in the course of fulfilling the contract. On multi-day trips an excessive time charge will apply for each day of excessive time.


If it is necessary to cancel the order or any portion thereof, notification of such cancellation must be received in writing by Calyssa Travel LLC at least sixty (60) days prior to the date of the charter. Cancellations received sixty (60) days to thirty (30) days prior to the contracted date will be charged 50% of the contracted amount for a cancellation fee. Cancellations received thirty (30) days to seven (7) days prior to the contracted date will be charged 75% of the contracted amount for a cancellation fee. Cancellations received less than seven (7) days prior to the contracted date will be charged 100% of the contracted amount for a cancellation fee. If cancellation occurs after the motorcoach departs from the terminal a cancellation fee of 100% of the contracted amount will be charged as a cancellation fee. If notice is given by telephone please record time, date and name of the company representative accepting your notice. Failure to record this information may result in cancellation fees being accessed. (Vendor deposits will be refunded according to the individual vendor cancellation policies.) Any cancellations received for peak season/dates deposit will be forfeited.


Calyssa Travel LLC reserves the right to increase our charges for the proposed services due to increases in fuel cost. These increases occur without warning and are beyond our control.


All charter orders must be paid in full sixty (60) days prior to date of departure. Payment should be paid by money order, organization check or major credit card. Office hours are: MONDAY through FRIDAY 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. We are closed on Saturday, Sundays and all the usual national holidays. When mailing your payments to us, please make certain you identify the trip to be paid with your name, date of trip and charter order number. (This number may be found on the front top right corner of the charter order contract.)


For multi-day charters, it is the responsibility of the chartering party to reserve the driver’s room, unless otherwise noted.
The performance of the service detailed in the order is subject to tariff regulations and is contingent upon the carrier’s ability to furnish the service.


Passengers are responsible for transferring their own bags. Baggage assistance is available upon request. All baggage must have an identification tag. Each passenger is entitled to one bag which weighs no more than fifty (50) pounds. Each is allowed one (1) piece at no charge. A second piece will be accepted (subject to space availability) but will incur an additional charge of $15 for a piece under 50 pounds. Heavier pieces will incur an increased price. Call for more information. One (1) small bag up to 25 pounds can be taken on board for each adult or child.

The bus driver will assist passengers in loading and unloading baggage in appropriate luggage storage compartment. Each passenger must insure that their luggage is on the coach.

Types of Acceptable Baggage. In general, acceptable baggage includes suitcases, duffel bags, toolboxes, trunks, and securely tied cardboard boxes. A plastic and/or a paper bag is not acceptable as baggage. Baggage must not exceed 62 inches when adding the total exterior dimensions of the piece (length + width + height).

Prohibited Items in Checked Baggage . Cremated remains, furniture, matches, merchandise for resale, money, prescription medication, and protruding or unsecured articles.

Prohibited Items on Calyssa Travel Bus . Acids, ammunition, animals (service animals will be permitted), combustible liquids, compressed gases, corpses, explosives, firearms of all types, fireworks, flammable liquids, hazardous materials (poisons, radioactive materials, etc.), and any materials with disagreeable odor.

Musical instruments, athletic equipment and other items necessary for the purpose of the charter trip are not the responsibility of the driver and limited to the capacity of the chartered vehicle will be transported in custody of the chartering party at no additional charge.

Liability on Lost Luggage. All luggage is transported in the custody of the passenger and we do not accept any liability for baggage. Call for more information.


In the event of a breakdown or other cause beyond our control, we reserve the right to substitute comparable equipment from our fleet or of another company to perform the service for which we have contracted .


Are permitted only if prior arrangements are made with our office, (extra charges apply). All beverages must be in cans, and a maximum of two (2) coolers are permitted inside the motorcoach, provided that they can be kept at the rear of the motorcoach without obstructing the aisle. Glass containers and kegs present a safety hazard and are strictly prohibited. Calyssa Travel LLC and its employees will not accept social host responsibilities in any form.


Smoking is not permitted on the motorcoach. For your safety, rest stops are recommended every 2 to 3 hours. Please inform our office if additional rest stops are needed.


Calyssa Travel LLC will make every reasonable effort to accommodate all persons with special needs. Calyssa Travel LLC would appreciate a fourteen (14) day notice prior to trip departure of any special needs; however, a minimum forty-eight (48) hour notice is required.


It is a federal offense, punishable by as much as life imprisonment, for any person to threaten or interfere with the operation of, or to harm or to make any attempt to disable a commercial vehicle or its driver. We reserve the right to refuse to transport any person(s) whose actions the driver deems, to be in violation of law, or any action that would affect the comfort of other passengers or would interfere with the driver’s ability to operate safely.


Gratuities for motorcoach drivers are not included, unless otherwise noted. Suggested gratuity guidelines are: $3.00 to $5.00 per person per day.


In case of EMERGENCY, please call (301) 200-3850